For a new look for the new year, restyle hair


Dear Scott: I wanted to try something new with my hair for the new year. I want a whole new me. I am tired of me – and my husband probably is too! What is the newest thing that is being shown that is trendy and fun?


Answer: Everyone gets tired of looking the same way every day. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is to pick a style and never change the way they wear it. Every haircut can be styled at least two or three ways. So don’t get stuck in a rut.

Texture: Wave goodbye to straight hair for the coming year. Poker-straight hair is out for 2013. The trend for the coming year is a shift from pressed hair with flat irons and chemical strengthening to soft waves and texture. Long or short, hair has volume and bounce.

Those of you who have naturally curly hair can finally relax and enjoy the benefits. Air drying is an option with a good razor cut. Use a gel-foam product to control frizz and add shine. A diffuser or table-top hair dryer will help speed dry time and add control.

Hot rollers are an easy way to achieve polished waves. Two sets are better than one. Dry the hair and add a finishing product. Place the hot rollers in a horizontal pattern. Break up the curl with your fingers for an up-to-date set. Brush the hair flat against the head and push the waves into place for an old-world glamour look.

If you have naturally straight hair, try giving it a boost with a gentle texture wave. Harsh chemicals have been replaced with a new, gentle process. For variety, this wavy look can also be blown straight for a soft, smooth, full style.

Deep side part: Achieving Hollywood glamour is as easy as parting your hair. Start at the outside corner of the eye and part the hair for a trendy look from the past.

Up-dos: Long hair is up this year. Pony tails make the look simple. Pull the hair back and finish the tail. Be creative. There are many ways to tame a tail.

Braids: Blow the hair dry without using a brush and sweep it to the side into a long, loose braid. If you are tight on time, add some simple braids around the face and pull them tight back into your ponytail for an updated up-do.

Accessorize: Getting a trendy look has never been so easy. Clip an accessory into your pony or use a flashy barrette. Be sure to check the edges of the clip. They can sometimes be sharp and will cut the hair. Just cover the edges with some scotch tape if it is.

Pixie cut: The pixie cut is turning heads for the coming year. Tip the ends with a lighter color to accent the cut. For the latest trend, choose a light shade for overall color and tip the ends dark. If you really want to be bold, go platinum.