Shopgirl: Make these gift boxes personal for sweetie

Veuve Clicquot has an entire line of Champagne gift boxes that take gifting to a new level of personalization, perfect for any Valentine’s Day gifts. The company’s Clicq Call box and Clicquot Message box offer a way to transform an already great gift of Champagne into a personalized, sentimental item.


The Clicq Call box allows you to record an audio message, and the Clicquot Message box comes with adhesive letters so that you can put together your Valentine’s message on the side of the box – sure to be a hit with whoever is lucky enough to receive your gift.


WHAT’S TRENDY. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s weekend plan that isn’t the typical dinner and roses, Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site has a very intriguing event planned for Saturday.

“Scandals & Gossip” focuses on stories of love affairs, political scandals and broken hearts that passed through the halls of Redcliffe Plantation.

The stories come from letters and diaries of people who lived in and around Redcliffe Plantation, and the event is recommended for ages 18 and up. Admission is $10. For more details, call (803) 827-1473.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE. We’ve all had social situations where we went in wanting a way out, whether it’s a date or just being around difficult people.

Comedian Chelsea Handler recently released a new app, GottaGo, which works as an alarm clock that texts and calls you with a barrage of messages giving you an excuse to leave – that you can show as proof. You can have the messages sent anywhere from one minute or one hour from whenever you set the alarm. Find it for free in the App Store.