Shopgirl: Service app will take all your complaints

Is there anything worse than being disappointed by a marketplace exchange, whether it’s or Delta Airlines? Maybe the only thing that is more annoying is contacting customer service and going through rounds of typing the same complaint over and over, repeating the story and spending hours on the phone for a few frequent flier miles.


Enter Service, an app that takes your complaint for companies ranging from Verizon Wireless to hotels and all kinds of other businesses. Service is free in the App Store, so next time you have a bad customer experience save your time and give Service a try.


WHAT’S TRENDY: Have you heard the phrase “Netflix and chill”? Well, downtown establishment FLO wants you to “Netflix and drink” with them every Tuesday. Enjoy two movies and drink specials – a great way to meet people or just hang out with friends. FLO is on the 800 block of Broad Street, near Augusta Common. You can also find it on Facebook.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: Zara has long been an affordable way to get runway-fresh looks, and the latest batch has great vibes of warm textures, ’70s stripes, chunky heels and crisp lines. I’m getting used to the comfort level of the styles that are popular right now, from wider legs in pants to flowing sweaters.

If it’s up to me, we’ll never go back to skin-tight skinny jeans. With the latest Zara collection, I think we have comfortable shapes and textures combined with tailored detailing and timeless colors – a winning combination that allows me to have my comfort/fashion cake and eat it, too.