Shopgirl: Latest nail trend is coming to the US

WHAT’S NEW: The latest in nail trends is spray-on nail polish, creating the most consistent and streak-free nail look you can get.


The spray washes off of your skin easily, and is way faster than the traditional brush method. Just spray on your hands, wash off the excess and finish with a topcoat for a lightning-fast version of your favorite salon manicure.

The original brand, which has been a huge hit in the United Kingdom, is Nails Inc.’s Paint Can Spray. It comes in pink and silver for now and hits the U.S. in March of next year. Endorsed by tastemaker Alexa Chung, you can get on the waiting list by going to and signing up for their e-mail list.


WHAT’S TRENDY: Those Fujiflm InstaxMini cameras (the ones that print the rectangular Polaroid-esque photos?) are fun, but I for one am not a good enough photographer to commit to printing a photo before seeing it.

The happy medium between me having Instax photos that I shouldn’t have taken and having no photos printed off my phone is the Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer – the same film and developer style as the cameras, but it works over wifi to print photos off of your phone.

You can choose which photos to print, and it does everything wirelessly. Find it on Amazon or


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: If you’re looking for something to do before Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, or if you need an excuse to kick the non-helpers out during food prep time, look no further than the Aiken Hounds’ annual Blessing of the Hounds in Hitchcock Woods.

The ceremony, an Aiken Thanksgiving tradition for many years, is open to the public, and this year it will take place at 11 a.m. at Memorial Gate in Hitchcock Woods. For more information, including a description and history of the event, go to