Shopgirl: Smartphone app can link global pen pals

If you had a pen pal as a child, you might remember how interesting it can be to get to know someone from zero to 60, just by asking questions and reading their answers.


RendezWho is a free app that randomly matches you with a stranger from anywhere on the globe, and allows you to get to know each other by one question from the app each day. You can send each other GIFs and songs through Spotify, but that’s about it.

The app was created with the intention of making friends between random strangers across the world.


WHAT’S TRENDY: This spring, there are quite a few trends that you can work into your wardrobe with a minimal amount of effort.

Prettier weather always makes me more amenable to walking everywhere, and good statement slip-on sneakers are a way to walk comfortably while not sacrificing any style.

Sam Edelman has quite a few versions, and even budget retailers like Target have hopped onto this train.

My favorite pair, however, is by Robert Clergerie and has rust-colored raffia woven in a kind of maze pattern all over the slip-on.


WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: The Aiken Camellia Society is having its annual plant auction this week, at St. John’s United Methodist Church, 104 Newberry St. NW, in downtown Aiken. The event is free and is a really great opportunity to find rare camellias and to admire the horticultural skills of Aikenites.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb yourself, it’s a very interesting event and you’re guaranteed to see some beautiful flowers and hear some interesting conversation about gardening. The event starts at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 10. Find Aiken Camellia Society on Facebook.