Today's Home: Faith Village

Peggy and Chuck Hornsby’s home has seen as many changes in their years as part of the Alleluia Community.


They live in Faith Village along with other members of the Christian covenant community in south Augusta.

The Hornsbys moved into their Norton Drive home in 1980. Like many in the neighborhood, their home was a two-bedroom duplex built in the 1950s for Savannah River Site workers.

Today, the home looks remarkably different than it once did, said Chuck, the superintendent of the Alleluia Community School.

The wall that separated the two units was torn down. Two additions – 10 and 20 years ago – were built.

The Hornsbys regularly share their home with folks needing a place to stay.

“We’ve taken in more than 60 people,” Chuck said.

Thanks to good deals on items, they’ve managed to transform the old duplex into a comfortable home.

“We have a story for everything,” Peggy said.

The stained glass panels in her chapel were salvaged from the basement of Church of the Most Holy Trinity. Baseboards and door frames in the master suite are from the old rectory at Reid Memorial Presbyterian.

“We love this house,” Chuck said. “We’ve had a lot of life in here.”


The family: Peggy and Chuck Hornsby

The home: Duplex converted into a single-family home with six bedrooms and three baths


The Neighborhood: Faith Village

Location: Ruby Drive and neighboring streets between Lumpkin and Richmond Hill roads in south Augusta

Schools: Alleluia Community School