Today's Home: Farmington

What started as a repair for a leaky roof turned into a full-scale floor-to-ceiling remodel of Teri and Dennis Perry’s Evans home.


The couple built their 2,800-square-foot Farmington neighborhood home in 1996, and had chosen a bold, jewel-toned color palette for the interior and were ready for a change.

Once the new roof was in place, they decided to remove the outdated popcorn ceiling. That process began to make a mess of the 16-year old carpet, so they took that up and replaced it with new hard-wood flooring.

“We started making a plan of what to fix,” Teri said.

They hired interior designer Marsha Peebles to help. Peebles had previously redecorated the master suite and the upstairs bathroom.

Teri said she liked the softer colors Peebles used throughout the house: beige walls that set off the wood trim and floors, and different metals that include the wrought-iron railings along the staircase and bridge that leads upstairs.

The “Coca-Cola Room” was transformed into a tranquil guest bedroom with soft green walls.

Downstairs, a large, two-piece bookcase was moved from the living room to a small den near the front door. The piece was originally glossy white and at one time served as an entertainment center. It now has a new coat of off-white paint and an antique finish, and appears to have been made for its current location.

A new, custom built-in entertainment center makes use of what was previously wasted space under the staircase and frees up space in the family room.

Teri said she loves the fact that Peebles used furniture she already had. She reupholstered the love seat and dining-room chairs, and updated a light fixture near the front door by simply removing glass panes from it.

The overall effect is a calmer, more relaxing space.

“It’s comfortable. It’s not so dressy that it’s all formal,” Teri said.


 The family: Dennis and Teri Perry, and sons Clayton and John (not pictured)

The home: 2,800 square feet, four bedroom and two and a half bathrooms


The Neighborhood: Farmington

Location: Hereford Farm Road

Schools: Evans Elementary, Middle and High schools

Amenities: Neighborhood swimming pool, clubhouse