Today's Home: Northlake subdivision

Glenn and Debbie Row-land were wanting to upsize when they bought their house in Grovetown four years ago.


The Rowlands were living in a 1,400-square-foot home and wanted a little more space to entertain friends and family. They found it in their Northlake subdivision home.

They appreciate the little things it offers, such as the large walk-in closet and two sinks in the master bathroom.

“We had a little bathroom in our other house and we fought over it,” Glenn said. “Now I’ve got a station and she’s got a station.”

They put in a pool their first summer in the home. They had one at the other house, and the couple’s five grandchildren begged them to install one. The Rowlands spend a lot of time in the backyard with them.

Family is important to the couple, and it is reflected in their home’s décor.

Debbie said her favorite thing in the house is a display of framed photographs of their children and grandchildren. The pictures hang on hooks underneath a simple, wood-framed mirror outside their bedroom door.

Many of their furnishings have sentimental value, also.

“All of our furniture just about has been given to us from family a long time ago, and we just can’t get rid of it,” Debbie said.


The family: Glenn and Debbie Rowland

The home: Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2,100 square feet, swimming pool, garage


Where: Northlake subdivision

Location: Off Grovetown-Harlem Road; follow Wrightsboro Road just past Lewiston Road

Schools: Cedar Ridge Elementary, Grovetown Middle and High