Today's Home: Birchfield

Teri Ryan was helping a friend look for a house when the friend’s real estate agent took them to Birchfield.


Ryan fell in love with a house there and the family went through with the purchase, renting out their former home.

“It was the easiest financial transaction I’d ever done. It was like it was meant to be,” said Ryan, whose family moved into the house in February.

Most of the décor in the home is tied to the Ryan’s military life.

In the family room, there are lots of treasures related to their six years in Belgium and the Netherlands. Nut­crackers, fairies and tiny houses are among the items that adorn the shelves of the entertainment center.

Many of the downstairs’ furnishings including a monk’s bench in the hallway and the grandfather clock and table in the dining room are also from Europe.

The upstairs master suite has its own staircase from the living room. It can also be entered from the main stairway. Inside the master is a large sitting area about the size of the family room downstairs. There are walk-in closets.

The upstairs has a wide hallway, with Belgian tapestries on the walls.

Ryan said she’s still decorating since they’ve only been in the house for a few months.


The Neighborhood: Birchfield, near Grovetown, is a new neighborhood with lots still available.

Schools: Brookwood Elementary, Columbia Middle and Evans High


The Family: Chief Warrant Officer Allen and Teri Ryan, and daughters, Nataleigh, 14, and Bella, 11

The House: 3,464 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms