Today's Home: Hammond Hills


Tim and Tina Bledsoe’s North Augusta home is a little different than any of their neighbors .


It’s an octagon.

The Bledsoes found the home when they decided to invest in homeownership 20 years ago.

They wanted a place in the Hammond Hills school district, but the home’s unusual shape was a definite plus.

“It’s not fancy. It’s just different,” Tina Bledsoe said.

The living area of the home sits on the second floor, above a two-car garage. A little more than half the home’s interior is a large, open living space.

Large windows in nearly every exterior wall of the room offer plenty of views of the neighborhood and let in plenty of sunlight.

A dining area is situated near the kitchen, just inside the home’s main entrance.

The family space faces the back of the house, where large windows look out over the neighboring rooftops. The height, along with the wooded lots, make the home feel like a tree house.

“It’s really pretty when the leaves start changing,” Tina said.

A built-in bookshelf tucked into a corner of the room was also a selling point for Tina, who enjoys reading.

Tina said the bedrooms are small, and their shapes – circular with angles on both sides – offer limited opportunity to change furniture placement.

They radiate off a circular hallway, which wraps around a full bathroom in the center of the house.


The family: Tim and Tina Bledsoe and Tonya

The home: 1,100 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two-car garage and a deck



The Neighborhood: Hammond Hills

Schools: Hammond Hill Elementary, Paul Knox Middle, North Augusta High

Amenities: The Hammond Hill swimming pool and the North Augusta Greeneway are within walking distance



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