Today's Home: Oakbrook

If it hadn’t been for some neighborly kindness, Tina and Blane Carter probably would not have moved into their Columbia County home 10 years ago this week.


“We were living on Broad Street and had done renovations on that house,” Tina said. “We would always ride around and look at houses. This house looked vacant.”

They stopped to check it out, and Ken Griner saw them looking. The Oakbrook house was in foreclosure and scheduled to be auctioned on the courthouse steps in Appling. To buy the home, the couple would need the money to cover the auction price.

A few days later, Griner called the Carters and asked if they were going to buy the house. They said they didn’t have the money. That’s when Griner offered to loan them enough to make up the difference.

While the home is modern, it has a few classical features, such as the arches that remind them of their home in Olde Town. Her décor ties these architectural features together.

The living room and dining room have muted tones, and there is faux marble wallpaper and columns in the dining room.


The Family: Tina and Blane Carter and their children, Christian, 6, and Alexis, 3.

The House: 2,200 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.



The Neighborhood: Oakbrook

Location: Off Furys Ferry Road in Martinez. Close to restaurants and shopping.

Schools: Blue Ridge Elementary, Lakeside Middle, Lakeside High