Today's Home: North Augusta

Visitors to Sean Watson’s North Augusta home can’t help but stare at his walls.


He said sometimes they spend two hours just walking around, because the house resembles a horror/sci-fi movie hall of fame.

Framed pictures of Watson with celebrities such as Eliza Dushku, William Shatner and Arnold Schwarzenegger, many autographed, line the hallways and take up most of the wall space in a guest bedroom.

His favorite picture is of him and Hugh Jackman on the streets of New York City. It is on a dining room wall. Jackman played Wolverine, one of Watson’s favorite comic book characters.

Alien heads and a Terminator skull stare back creepily from the television stand and look even more like their movie counterparts when their laserlight eyes are activated.

In the attached dining area, Wolverine figurines strike various poses on bookcases filled with DVDs, and wall shelves hold nearly a half dozen autographed Friday the 13th masks and a replica Freddy Krueger glove from the Nightmare on Elms Street series.

Watson said he gets most of his photos and autographs at conventions he attends, such as Dragon Con in Atlanta. He said he attends about six every year. Many of his memorabilia items are purchased from eBay, and he has carefully researched each one.

“If you really want it, you need to do some research. If you don’t, then you don’t know what you have up there,” he said.