Today's home: Calming, but funky

Chip and Tracy Streeter opted to custom build.


“I love my house. There’s no place like it,” Tracy said. “It’s calming, but it has a lot of funky things to show our personality.”

The “calming” atmosphere is from the contemporary, uncluttered décor throughout the house, where ceilings are high and lines are clean-cut and free of molding. Even the trim around doorways is plain and flat.

“That’s what I wanted. It’s clean looking and easy to keep clean,” Tracy said.

Her husband also appreciates the minimalist look. Chip said he had to remain adamant with the builder, who asked several times to put up molding.

“We got a lot of strange looks because of that,” he said.

Their 4½-year-old home in River Island accommodates the couple, their daughters, Delaney, 11, and Hannah, 5, dogs Cooper and Layla, and the family’s love of hanging out at home, cooking and entertaining.

The clean lines continue in all the bathrooms, where caramel-colored marbled tile covers floors and walls, visible through clear-glass shower walls.

The Streeter’s simplicity shows that less is more. Warm, neutral colors welcome their friends to enjoy drinks from the wine bar under the stairwell and long conversations in the keeping room off the kitchen. Tracy said she and Chip had “the most fun creating the kitchen,” where they spend a lot of time cooking. Chocolate-stained wood cabinets, dark granite countertops and a walk-in pantry provide ample storage space. Brushed stainless steel handles on the cabinets, stainless steel appliances and hanging pendant lights add to the contemporary look.

“Everybody says it’s modern, but I say it’s just clean cut,” Tracy said. “The more decorative stuff you have in the kitchen, the more dirty it gets when you cook.”

The kitchen’s dark chocolate cabinets are echoed in the dark chocolate walls of the keeping room and caramel colored walls of the breakfast area, both flowing off the kitchen in an open-floor plan. The dark walls create a cozy feeling in the wide open rooms with 20-foot vaulted ceilings and large windows simply covered with woven wood shades.

“I love my keeping room,” Tracy said. “It’s intimate and close. My friends hang out in there and talk to me while I cook, and the girls do their homework in there. They’re separate, but I can still see them.”

The girls’ realm is upstairs where their contemporary bedrooms and Jack-and-Jill bathroom come to life with brilliant blue, purple and lime green geometric patterns. The two girls share a game room, which also has its own bathroom, along with a dress-up closet, TV and futon, computer without internet, and a storage closet with storage boxes of toys neatly put away on shelves.

It’s a great place for friends, which is the Streeters’ favorite aspect of River Island. All the neighbors visit one another’s houses, and when her kids are next door, Tracy said she just sticks her head out the door and yells when it’s time to come home.

“It’s nice to have a community where we can do that,” Tracy said. “It has the feeling of long ago. I talk with my neighbors over the fence and our dogs talk to each other through the fence. It’s kind of neat.”



The family: Chip and Tracy Streeter, daughters Delaney and Hannah.

Where: Dixon Court in River Island.

The home: 3,800-square-foot, two-story home, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two-car garage, wrought-iron fenced backyard with covered, furnished deck.


A designated conservation community on the Savannah River, River Island features miles of nature trails, a central lodge with terraced views, an outdoor fireplace, community boat docks equipped with kayaks, a park overlooking the river, an on-site naturalist and neighborhood events director.



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