Today's Home: Conifer Place

In Tina Boswell’s home, the den with a grand fireplace and large television set has become the crossroads of activity. From the room, the family has easy access to the brightly-lit kitchen and a deck surrounded by tall pine trees in the backyard.


Boswell chose the house in Conifer Place when she moved back to her hometown of Augusta in 2009. Since then, it’s become cozy and comfortable for her children Billie, 13, Elizabeth, 20, and Robert, 22.

“This home is in a safe area and it’s really close to my family,” Boswell said. “It has a private backyard, and that’s a unique feature for this area that we really enjoy.”

Throughout the 4-bedroom, 3½-bath house, Boswell used neutral colors for wallpaint with bright fabrics and accessories.

Billie’s room has her own special touches such as a fishtank hanging on the wall and a silver-colored vanity.

An extensive artwork collection fills walls throughout the home, including portraits of the Boswell children hung in separate rooms.


The family: Tina Boswell and children Billie, 13 (at right); Elizabeth, 20; and Robert 22
The Neighborhood: Conifer Place
The home:
4 bedrooms, 3½ baths; brick home on large lot