You can help start weed-identification database

As I returned to my battle against English ivy, monkey grass and assorted weeds last weekend, the thought struck me that I could do a Gnome column on weeds because we certainly seem to have them all at our place.


After a couple of hours of doing computer searches and going through gardening books, it quickly became apparent that weed identification is not an easy thing to find -- at least in a format that I wanted (picture with a name attached).

So, I thought we could start our own weed-identification database.

Here's my idea of getting it started: above are pictures of five weeds.

The first person to correctly identify them all will win a copy of one of the cool gardening books that publishers have sent to the paper.

Call me at (706) 823-3226 or e-mail me at

After we get the weed identification started, a running list will go online (augusta

With the help of the master gardener books, I'll add ways to deal with weeds we simply cannot bear to have in the garden.

The database will be open so folks can add their own weed pictures and we (meaning you, too) will identify them and add names and suggestions on how to get rid of them.

This way we can share in an easy-to-use weed-identification site that's perfect for our area of Georgia and South Carolina.

For the winner of the first identification round: Backyard Harvest, a year-round guide to growing fruits and vegetables by Jo Whittingham.

She is a garden writer with a graduate degree in horticulture who has won the Garden Writer's Guild Journalist of the Year award.