Annual Daylily Show and Sale set for June 7 in Augusta

If it appears your day lilies are slow to flower this year or look a little stunted, the brutal winter may be to blame.


But, not to despair, they will be back to create their regular wonderful and carefree beauty show, said Charles Shaw of Shaw’s Sunshine Garden.

There will be plenty of beautiful day lilies to see on June 7 during the 2014 Daylily Show and Sale. Come out to see the flowers and arrangements, a photography exhibit, plant sale, and presentations such as planting and care advice.

The Saturday afternoon show is free and can be found at the H2U Building, 1305 Interstate Parkway, behind Doctors Hospital.

Shaw’s daylily garden is composed of a huge selection so he has plants in bloom now, but even some of his pampered day lilies were hit by the prolonged winter. Established plants like the Jolly Red Giant – the name says it all – are shorter than normal. Other varieties have barely broken ground yet.

You might also find plants with dead crowns with new growth to the side.

“I think they are simply going to have to make it on their own and grow through it,” Shaw said.

If you find such plants, you can dig them up and remove the dead part and replant, he said.

“I tell people day lilies are a lot like people – they tolerate neglect, thrive on attention and all are different,” Shaw said.

Shaw, a member of the Daylily Society of the Greater Augusta Area which is sponsoring the annual event, has offered his blooms to those designing arrangements this year who might find their gardens short on flowers.

If you’re in need of a flower fix check out the show. They’ll be plenty of blooms for oohhs and aahhs.


WHAT: 2014 Daylily Show and Sale

WHEN: June 7 from 1-4:30 p.m.

WHERE: H2U Building, 1305 Interstate Parkway



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