Garden Gnome: Help feed the hungry by volunteering at Golden Harvest Masters Table garden

As the crushing effects of the Great Recession linger with more than 9 percent of Augustans still unemployed, hundreds of people rely on the Golden Harvest Masters Table garden.


I know how generous gardeners are by nature, but maybe you would like to
get involved in a more hands-on way or you have only so many dollars to divide among competing charities.

Some brilliant local folks have paved a way for you to do God’s work of feeding the hungry: vegetable gardens at the Masters Table on Fenwick Street.

Volunteers are needed every Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m. to help plant and care for the community gardens where vegetables are grown for the organization’s lunches.

After countless hours of volunteer time, planning and organization, and generous contributions from nurseries, landscape professionals and benefactors, the first vegetable seeds went into 32 raised beds in March.

It’s time to get the fall planting done, and there are 45 packages of fall vegetable seeds to plant after the beds are prepared.

A special request by the Masters Table cooking staff will also be fulfilled – enough collards to feed 400 people on New Year’s Day.

Volunteers with their own vegetable beds also are needed to “grow a row” for the Masters Table.

It is hoped the country and our area are emerging from the down economy, but when 22 percent of our children lived in homes where their guardians didn’t know if there would be food on the table at some point during 2009 – 638,000 children in Georgia, according to the Kids Count data collected by the Annie E. Casey Foundation – we can do much as gardeners to see to it no one goes hungry here.

To volunteer, please contact Ginny Allen at