Garden Gnome: Joe Lamp'l will share gardening tips

Reservations are necessary for Joe Lamp’l’s speech Feb. 2 at 10 a.m. at the Augusta Country Club. Each reservation costs $35 and must be made by calling (706) 826-4700 or going to

A nationally renowned horticulture expert is coming to Augusta to speak next week, and reservations are required.


The star of the Nola Falcone Speaker Series this year is Joe Lamp’l, the author of gardening books and a blog, a nationally syndicated columnist and the host of a podcast and a television garden series.

Lamp’l will be here Feb. 2, so get reservations as soon as possible. The cost is $35 each.

Lamp’l is host of the DIY Network show Fresh from the Garden and PBS’ GardenSMART. He is also the creator, host and executive producer of the PBS series Growing A Greener World. You might also have seen him on the morning news shows on NBC and ABC and on The Victory Garden.

He is an expert not only on gardening but sustainability and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. I got lost for a while on his Web site,, this week. Very cool site. I think I’ll get a copy of his book, The Green Gardener’s Guide.

What better way to kick start February than to fill your head with thoughts of gardening? Spring (think positively) is just around the corner and the Sacred Heart Garden Festival is not far behind. Oh, and before Sandra Fenstermacher comes after me – Sacred Heart Garden Festival is also sponsoring Lamp’l’s visit. And, so my boss won’t come after me – Disclosure: I volunteer for the festival.