What's for Supper: Quick Chilaquiles Verdes


Tortilla chips are great for dipping and snacking, but they also make a great base for a quick weeknight dinner of Chilaquiles Verdes.


Chilaquiles are a Mexican dish that uses leftover tortillas as the base of a casserole that often includes shredded chicken and sautéed onion. My version is much simpler and requires no pots and pans – just a 9-by-13 baking dish.

You simply spread a heaping layer of tortilla chips (regular or baked) on the bottom of the baking dish and top with a combination of salsa verde, sour cream and a little chicken broth. Cheese is sprinkled over the top and with about five minutes of prep time and 15 minutes in the oven, you’ve got a hot, homemade Mexican casserole that’s a wonderful weeknight change of pace.

Look for salsa verde in the Hispanic section of the supermarket. I used Herdez brand for testing purposes.

You can add a layer of cooked, shredded chicken on top of the chips before adding the sauce and cheese, if you’d like a heartier entrée.

While the components of the dish may seem more like a pile of nachos, the sauce is thin and is meant to wilt the tortilla chips. Because of this, this version of Chila­quiles are best eaten right after they come out of the oven, as leftovers can be mushy and don’t reheat very well.

A salad or some sautéed vegetables can be served as a side dish.




5 cups regular or baked tortilla chips

1½ cups reduced-fat sour cream

1 cup salsa verde

½ cup chicken or vegetable broth

3-4 dashes Mexican hot sauce, or to taste

2-3 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, plus more for garnish

8 ounces shredded Monterrey Jack or cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a 9-by-13-inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray and then spread the tortilla chips over the bottom of the dish.

Combine the sour cream, salsa verde, broth, hot sauce and chopped cilantro. Pour over the chips, pressing lightly with a wooden spoon to ensure that chips are coated in the sauce. Sprinkle with the cheese and bake for 15 minutes. Serve immediately.

Makes 6 servings.

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