More Than Skin Deep: Feel glamorous on a daily basis

Dear Scott: I see all the beautiful Hollywood glamour on the red carpet and wish I could be a little more glamorous too. Can you give me some tips on how to feel and look a little more glamorous on a daily basis?


Answer: Glamour is more of an illusion than a feeling. Sure, if you put all the pieces together right, you too can look glamorous. Looking glamorous for an evening is easy. To try to feel more glamorous on a daily basis will take a lot of money.

After your hair, makeup, plenty of clothes with top designers labels, a lot of designer shoes, expensive jewelry, and designer handbags, you will need a Mercedes or Lexus to drive into the garage of an expensive home in the best neighborhood possible. It should be the biggest home on the street and most expensive.

That’s just for starters. You must also eat at the best restaurants with the best table, go to every black tie party possible, and have a few of them yourself. You must be seen as glamorous by others in the world of illusion.

The idea of Hollywood glamour has changed over the years. June Cleaver was depicted as a glamorous housewife, her clothes neat and pressed; every hair in place, sitting on a table with her legs crossed reading a magazine with one hand and dusting with a feather duster behind her with the other.

Today’s glamorous housewife reflects what it’s really like to be desperate to be glamorous. Behind all the Hollywood glamour there seems to be a lot of dirt swept under the Persian rugs.

It used to be called keeping up with the Jones. Now it’s keeping up with the Kardashians. Their personal problems aired on TV for the world to see, doesn’t make them appear very glamorous to me.

Glamour is basically a visual marketing tool used to sell goods. It’s a little like subliminal messaging. The consumer is constantly bombarded with images of beautiful things that must be had to live life meaningfully. Never pictured are the hidden realities.

When computers first came out, the desktop models were pictured in lovely settings on a neat desk. Not pictured were the mass of cords and wires that connected all the stuff up together. Now we have the glamorous iPad and cell phones with big bills that aren’t pictured with them.

Airline travel was, and still is, portrayed as a glamorous experience with photos of flight. What could be more glamorous than flying in the air to exotic places? Anyone that is a frequent flyer knows what it’s really like. Delayed flights, sitting on tarmacs, crying kids with runny noses, and just breathing the recycled air guarantees you a cold by the time you get home. You’re lucky if you get a bag of stinky peanuts.

Glamour Magazine is a perfect example of what is not glamour. The entire thing is nothing but sex tips. There isn’t an ounce of glamour in there, but the magazine is still called Glamour because the word sells magazines.

Motivation to becoming a more beautiful person will give you more satisfaction than striving to be more glamorous. The most beautiful people in the world are rarely the most glamorous. They have realized that there is more to life than a Faberge egg.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 21:31

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