More Than Skin Deep: Get that celebrity hairstyle

Dear Scott: My 17 year old son wants his hair cut like Maclemore. I looked up his picture and it looks like he has a squirrel on his head. Do you know how to do this haircut?


Answer: Guys of color have been wearing rapper Maclemore’s cut for over a decade. It’s a short clipper cut around the edges, fades to the skin, full on the top. There is a line that doesn’t connect the two sections. That’s what gives you the impression of a small animal sitting on top of the head. It’s a fun haircut. Celebrities are a great way to keep up with what’s new. Here are some others I like to watch, and the looks they are wearing:

Lenny Kravitz has worn a natural afro, dredlocks, buzz cut, short curls, and is now wearing an updated version of the afro style. I’d say its one part dreadlocks and two parts afro. This is a great look for young guys of any race that have naturally curly hair.

Get the look: Wash the hair and condition. Dip the hair in aloe vera gel and shake out the excess gel. Leave the aloe in the hair to help maintain definition, add shine. Let it dry ruff or twist the hair with your fingers and let it air dry.

Miley Cyrus went from looking like the little girl-next-door to an all-grown-up woman with her new haircut, color and some other stuff. Her haircut was actually borrowed from Pink, who I thought had a patent on it. Tabloids say Pink has been seen with some “scary hair extensions” attempting to escape from the sincerest form of flattery. Cyrus says that she has gotten bored of the cut and is growing it out. Let’s see what the two of them do next.

Get the look: Clipper cut it tight on the sides using a 1 or 2 guard. Razor cut the top without connecting the two. It can be worn up with heavy gel or smooth it down for a softer Pixie style. The platinum-blonde color accentuates the cut.

Nicole Kidman makes any hair color look good, but she is probably the most beautiful redhead since Ann Margaret. Kidman wore an especially beautiful orange hair color in the movie thriller Stoker. Her hair seemed to be purposely colored to match the china plates hanging on the walls and the dishes in the kitchen cabinets.

Get the look: Grow your hair longer. At age 46, Kidman proves you don’t have to cut your hair as you get older. Color it a natural red or strawberry blonde if you are conservative. Color it bright if you want to turn heads. Wear it in romantic waves for a fashion statement.

Wanda Sykes is the perfect example of the latest in African hairstyles. Her curly afro is right in-style with the 1960s revival of fashion today. The addition of blonde hair color, or sometimes red, draws attention, adds definition and sets the stage for fun curls.

Get the look: Relax the hair for only a minute to stretch the curl just a little. Twist the hair with your fingers and let it dry for a quickie. When you want to look your best, use a strong styling paste and wet set the hair on flexible straws. The use of a tabletop hair dryer will help speed the dry time. It will also add luster and softness to the style.

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