Hair that makes you go Hmmmmm

When you think of many of the icons from the past, their hair is the first image you get in your head. Many people, famous for much more important things, are dually noted because of their hair.


She was involved in a very scandalous relationship with Julius Cesar, leader of the Roman Empire, who is also quite popular for his hairdo bearing the same name. She was Pharaoh of Egypt, known for many things more important than her unmistakable black colored, square, bob haircut. But the fist thing that happens when somebody shows up with square bangs on a blunt bob haircut that is not to their liking is to declare, “You look like Cleopatra.”

At the end of the 12th Century, unknown if she even existed at all, she is rumored to be buried in three different places. She begat the legend of Peeping Tom after asking the people of Coventry to stay indoors and not to look outside as she rode through the streets naked on a horse to protest high taxes for the people. With nothing but her beautiful long flowing red hair as her attire, the legend of Lady Godiva could not exist if not for her hair.

Then there was once a beautiful girl with long reddish brown hair from Los Angeles that wanted to become a star. No one knew she existed until she was discovered by a photographer while working on an assembly line in World War II. During her first photo shoot she felt so unnoticed that she thought she had been upstaged by a dog that was in the photos with her. But showing promise of becoming a star, a makeover was performed. The first thing they did was cut her hair and turn it platinum blonde. She did in fact become one of the greatest legends of all time. Her name was changed along with the hair, to Marilyn Monroe.

These guys came to the United States from England in the 1960s and changed the course of music forever. To this day, there are rumors that one of them died in a car accident and he was replaced by a look alike. They were so incredibly popular, if it were a fact and word got out to the public, everyone would have gone nuts. They also brought over a new long haired look for men that would cause conservative people of that time to cringe. The Beatles, their hairstyles and music are a popular trend again today.

He was born in Mississippi in 1935 and moved to Memphis at 13 years old. At 21 he shocked audiences with his controversial style and an African American sound to his music. His first big hit was Heartbreak Hotel and the debut in his first movie Love Me Tender would set him up to be known as the king of rock and roll. Today, anytime a man slicks his hair back with gel, someone is going to say, “You look like Elvis.”

So the next time you think that your hair doesn’t matter, take a dollar bill out of your pocket and look at the presidents picture on it. Because of his funny wig, someone somewhere is being called George Washington right now.


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