More Than Skin Deep: Many hairstyles are long on boredom

I paint my Rottweiler’s toenails when I give her a bath. I do it because it’s fun. She is 80 pounds of big, mushy, silly dog.


It has been said that life is 90 percent maintenance and 10 percent fun. Many times in our busy lives we forget about finding ways to increase our very precious 10 percent. Wouldn’t you like more than 10 percent fun?

When I was out for dinner at a nice restaurant the other night, I looked around the room and didn’t see a progressive haircut in the bunch. The young girls had plain long hair without any style whatsoever.

The women in their 50s had a very typical, square, bob-type thing, gray in color. The men’s hair, strategically parted on the right, is trimmed neatly around the edges.

You could have switched their heads and no one would have noticed.

When the economy got bad, a lot of parents started telling their daughters that they should wear their hair long, to save money. And many women have chosen to have long hair because it is cheaper than the maintenance of keeping up with a haircut.

Long hair on a young girl, or a woman of any age, can be beautiful and I love it, but a new haircut is fun and people notice you. Let’s face it, a young girl is going to look good with long hair because they look good anyway. But when the hair is long and without style, it can tend to be pretty boring.

Next time you are out in the world shopping, or sitting in a restaurant people-watching, notice that after you finish with the funny ones, you always look at the people with a hot haircut.

Dear Scott: My hair is dry and damaged. If I take vitamins, will it help?

Answer: Vitamins will nourish only the new hair growth that is supplied by the blood. The hair that is already on your head is said to be “dead” and only the root ball is alive. You might want to try a good protein treatment. If breakage is a problem, a polypeptide polymer will help to glue it all together. The answer to your question is no.

Dear Scott: My husband colors his own hair and it looks red. It is supposed be brown. What should he use?

Answer: He is probably using color that he can buy at the grocery store. This is a good example of why men should take the time, and not be embarrassed, to go into a salon for color. Men’s hair color is harder to do than women’s. The hair around the edges is actually body hair, and responds completely different than the hair that is on top of the head.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:08

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