Skorts have become dress of choice for women golfers



Regan Freeville owns a skort in almost every color.

The Augusta State University junior has been wearing skorts, a garment that is half skirt, half shorts, since she started playing golf in high school five years ago.

"They're comfortable. It gives kind of a girly look while not having to worry about wearing a skirt necessarily," Freeville said.

She played collegiate golf at the University of West Georgia before transferring to Augusta State this year, and she now plays only for recreation. Her favorite skorts are the Adidas ClimaCool brand. They are made out of a stretchable, lightweight material that's a combination of performance fabrics, open mesh and ventilation channels to keep cool air flowing in while heat and sweat flow out, according to the Adidas Web site.

"Those are the most comfortable brand that I've found," Freeville said.

Functional and still feminine, the skort is a popular choice of women golfers.

"Skorts, in general, are a comfortable silhouette to play in," said Christine Cowan, the senior merchandising manager at Nike Golf. "They're flattering and most ladies really like to wear them. The skort is kind of an iconic women's golf silhouette. It's been all over the map. It's definitely our athletes' favorite to play in."

Skorts are the uniform of choice for the Lady Jaguars women's golf team at Augusta State University, said head coach Kevin McPherson.

"It's a very popular type of apparel for the ladies these days, especially on the collegiate side," McPherson said. "It seems to be very popular between all teams across the country. That's typically what we wear in every one of our tournaments."

The Lady Jaguars wear either white or blue Adidas Climacool skorts. In cold weather, they pair them with leggings.

The women's golf team has been wearing skorts for about four years. There are about 150 Division I women's golf programs, and 80 percent of the players wear skorts, McPherson said.

Skorts are also popular among women on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour, he said, including his sister, Kristy McPherson.

Skorts have always been a fashion favorite for tennis players, and they've made their way to golf because they're fashionable and comfortable, McPherson said.

"It's become more of the fashion. If you watch a lot of the players on the LPGA, you'll see a lot of the players wearing these skorts. Some players that come to mind are Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer. They first started wearing the skort maybe five or six years ago, and it's certainly caught on," McPherson said.

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