Shopgirl: Ads now creeping onto Instagram feeds

The Augusta Choral Society will perform its annual Christmas concert on Saturday, Dec. 14 at St. Paul's Church in downtown Augusta.

Have you noticed the promoted Instagram photos in your feed? There haven’t been too many yet, but I have to say I’m impressed with the quality of the photos and the seamless way they are integrated into my feed.


Maybe you disagree, but I don’t mind seeing advertisements on social media as long as they are relevant and interesting.

Buzzfeed has some great articles that are sponsored by interests ranging from The Hunger Games to Glade (“21 Animals That Will Make You Squeal With Joy”). After all, we look forward to advertisements on Superbowl Sunday, right? I don’t know how great the return on investment was for Glade on that one, but it’s interesting to watch established companies evolve with the times.



Christmas isn’t Christmas without hearing the Hallelujah chorus from George F. Handel’s Messiah. Thank­fully, The Augusta Choral So­ciety will perform selections from Messiah, traditional carols, ’Twas The Night Before Christmas and other holiday pieces on Saturday, Dec. 14, at 7:30 p.m. It’s in the beautiful St. Paul’s Church in downtown Augusta, and tickets start at $10. Find more information at



It’s said a lot, but it bears repeating: shop local for the holidays! Our community is lucky to have a fine selection of local retailers that carry items from big national labels to small, unusual finds.

From Surrey Center to Cudos to downtown Aiken to North Augusta to Columbia County, you can find gifts for everyone on your list right here. I think it’s even worth spending a little more, but you don’t have to. Each of our retailers knows how to run fabulous sales, and some will even giftwrap your items for you.

Tempting as it is to let Amazon do your shopping, support our local economy and give gifts that benefit the recipient and the local seller.



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