Store e-mails, new sandwich shop and social media videos



This fluctuating weather is insane, and it’s making it easy for me to hold off buying any winter clothes. Don’t let it tempt you to start shopping for spring early, but do make sure you’re signed up for your favorite stores’ e-mail lists.

I rarely open them, but the subject line usually tells me whether there’s something special going on. I’ve gotten as much as 60 percent off full-price items, just because I checked my e-mail.

A lot of times, e-mail list subscribers get a head start or even totally unique sales. Most companies know you don’t want spam and are mindful of that in the volume they send out. My favorites are Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew, The Limited and Banana Republic.



Hammond’s Ferry has a new business, a sandwich shop named Brick Pond Market. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., this is the second bistro-type restaurant to stake claim in North Augusta within the past few months. The other is About Thyme.

Brick Pond Market sells the usual sandwich selection, from burgers to pimiento cheese, and has a great list of salads that look delicious. The menu also features some more adventurous items like the Fluffernutter: peanut butter, banana and marshmallow “grilled to perfection.”

Find the Brick Pond Market at 89 Crystal Lake Drive in the Hammond’s Ferry neighborhood of North Augusta.



Social media companies are cagily venturing into video territory. Twitter unveiled its new network, Vine, last week and sites including viddy, Vimeo and SocialCam are also picking up speed with mobile apps. The idea is pretty consistent throughout all of them – snippets of real-life video, shared to your friends through either the app itself or Twitter and Facebook.

Vine seems to be the most thought-out network and has a very easy interface. It’s simple to transfer over Twitter contacts, and the videos are just six seconds long. Even if it’s just your friend’s cat playing with an empty box, the clips are brief enough to keep your interest and short enough to be a creative challenge like Twitter was in the beginning.