Shop Girl: New app compiles snapshots of life



One Second Everyday is my new obsession. It’s a fascinating app that takes 1-second snippets of your life and compiles them into a video of your year or month or however long you choose. The result is a compilation of moments that you have probably forgotten about but are nonetheless a part of your life.

To me, what’s unique about One Second Everyday is that it helps you to celebrate those moments that seem mundane on their own – sitting in the living room with your family, eating lunch with a coworker, waiting to get your license renewed in the DMV – but strung together give you a cool flashback to your past year. The app not only helps you splice together the clips, but also reminds you every day to record something.

It was released only a few weeks ago, and is available for99 cents.


Remember how Tangerine Tango was the color of the year for 2012? I don’t remember actually seeing it around all that much last year, but the reddish-orange shade is starting to crop up in the late winter/early spring looks I’ve seen recently.

Gap’s ponte collection has an orange shade that will look great with black this winter, but will soften well with cream and pastels when the weather warms. Charming Charlie and Handpicked also had a great selection of enamel jewelry in that color family. If you’re looking to incorporate this color in your makeup, Revlon’s lipstick Orange Flip is a super flattering shade for most skin tones.


It’s not too early to make Valentine’s Day plans, and it will be hard to beat what Symphony Orchestra Augusta has going on this year.

Country music and piano legend Ronnie Milsap will be playing at Bell Auditorium on Feb. 14, and tickets start at just $15.

Milsap and the SOA will play a variety of his hits including (I’m A) Stand By My Woman Man, What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life, and It Was Almost Like a Song.

Go to for tickets and more information.