Shopgirl: Birchbox for men; an app for the future; and library events

Birchbox now offers Birchbox Man



Birchbox, that fun little monthly box with beauty samples, has started Birchbox Man.

It’s exactly like the brown and pink box so many women have enjoyed, but with cosmetics and personal items for men. The subscription is $20 per month, and it’s a fantastic gift for that guy who has everything. Birchbox has partnered with well-known brands including Kiehl’s, Ursa Major and Cartier, and it has a satisfaction-guaranteed policy that is hard to beat. Birchbox is also a great way to find out about up-and-coming brands, as it seeks out high-quality items from producers you might not have heard of before.

To subscribe, fill out your profile and begin receiving monthly Birchbox deliveries, go to



Looking for something thought-provoking, inspiring and potentially hilarious to do with your friends and family ­and that will come back around in a year? Check out the iPhone app FutureMe, a sort of time capsule that saves letters to your future self and e-mails them to you on an appointed date. The app also lets you read anonymous letters by other people, and they range from funny to heartbreaking. This would be a great activity for a group of your closest friends – write your letters, read them aloud to each other and then send them off. It will be such a fun surprise one year, six months or 10 years from now.

The app itself costs 99 cents in the App Store right now, but you can also go to and submit your letters free.



The library is a fantastic resource for more than just books. It has some great events coming up in January, for children and adults alike.

In the Augusta area, the public libraries have a selection of computer classes. Topics range from Microsoft Excel to Word Processing Basics to Creating Flyers & Business Cards, and all that is required is a library card. Other events include a poetry workshop, camera classes and an AARP defensive driving course for senior citizens.

The library’s newsletter at has the complete listings for events in Burke, Columbia, Lincoln, Richmond and Warren counties. You can also call your branch to get more information.