Shopgirl: Cadle relaunch; holiday travel bag; and apps for fitness



Wesley Cadle is re-launching his store on Monte Sano Avenue with a special emphasis on bedding and table linens, with nooks throughout the store arranged in Cadle’s signature style.

The store originally opened last year and had a variety of home décor and outdoor pieces.

Stocked with brands including Matouk, Pine Cone Hill, Lili Allesandra and Peacock Alley, the store is curated personally by Cadle and includes an edited offering of duvets, shams, table linens, pillows and throws.

The Wesley Cadle Lifestyle Store is at 1419 Monte Sano and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Unless you’re flying cross-country and need a full set of luggage to get through Christmas, a good overnight bag will be your best friend this holiday season.

The key to a good bag is enough structure to make packing easy, enough flexibility to make it fit into snug spaces and enough color to know it’s yours.

Designer Heather Heron has a bag that is made out of a thick canvas from recycled army surplus bags.

The colors are distressed enough to hide wear and tear, but in a nice palette.

Of course, Vera Bradley is queen of cute but sturdy bags, and her Grand Traveler comes in about one million patterns and is only a little more than $100.



Thanksgiving is already behind us, but there’s plenty of time left in the season of good eating to give us all a reason to work out more. Instead of guilting yourself into an expensive gym membership come New Year’s, get a head start and work out free using some popular apps for your smartphone.

The Nike+ apps (Nike+Running, Nike+Training Club, Nike+Basketball) are widely accepted as the best all-purpose fitness apps.

You can get a chip for your shoe or a wristband that tracks even more detailed information, but just the app itself does a great job with anything the average person might need.

Another great app is Fitocracy, which turns goal tracking into a game. By tracking your workouts, you unlock achievement levels and can encourage other people in the fitness community.