Shopgirl: To-do app, fall cooking and shopper rewards

Chef Charleen Tinley's fall class schedule can be found online at



Todoist is a great app to keep track of everything you need to accomplish in the day, week, month or longer.

The newest update for this app makes it leaner, faster and easier for you to go seamlessly from Todoist on your desktop, iPad, smartphone and whatever other device you use to stay connected.

Todoist organizes your list by projects, which can then be broken down into tasks. For those among us who can’t live without color-coding, there’s that as well. You also can date projects and tasks if needed.

The free version is enough for me, but if you want to get even more synced or have reminders sent to you, Todoist Premium is only $29 per year. Check it all out at



With fall comes a whole new batch of vegetables and flavors, and who better to help you have an extra edge in entertaining this season than Chef Charleen?

Charleen Tinley, of Augusta, teaches classes out of her home. She teaches cooking at a speed easy enough for everyone but with results that would impress even the pickiest palate.

Her fall class schedule is up on her Web site,, and classes range from techniques – how to poach, boil and steam – to how to turn dried beans and lentils into show-stoppers. All of her classes include tips on wine matching, complete with samples.



Midtown Market, the consignment and antiques store on Kings Way, has debuted its rewards program for loyal shoppers.

Signing up gets you private sales, sneak peeks on First Thursday events, special offers from other merchants and a punch card to reward you for repeat business. For every $40 that you spend, an employee will punch your rewards card. After five punches, you will receive 10 percent off your next purchase.

Midtown Market has a selection ranging from furniture to Masters Tournament art to gardening pottery, so I don’t think it will take you long to earn that 10 percent off. See it at 2113 Kings Way or call (706) 364-8479.