Shopgirl: Literary Jukebox, The Limited fall sale and Arts in the Heart



I’m addicted to Literary Jukebox, a totally fun source of inspiration every day through a complimentary song and literary excerpt. The songs are short, punchy and range from Nina Simone to Noah and the Whale. The literary excerpts are unusual enough that you won’t recognize all of them but provocative enough that you don’t feel like it was a waste of time.

At the bottom of the page, you can click links to buy the song on iTunes or the entire literary piece on Amazon. Literary Jukebox is a side project of Maria Popova, a brilliant writer/blogger who runs and is an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow. Think TED talks, bite-sized, every day.

Check out Literary Jukebox at



The Limited is handing out some great coupons in stores for use later this fall.

It’s a cardboard postcard, with five tear-off coupons for 50 percent off a sweater, 40 percent off a top, 40 percent off a dress, buy one get one free for an accessory, and 50 percent off a pant, jeans or skirt. The coupons can be used Sept. 6 through 0ct. 3. I got mine when I was in there a few days ago, so stop by soon to get yours.

The Augusta Mall had a The Limited store several years back, which then closed and reopened just about one year ago.

The entire company underwent a significant rebranding, and it’s now one of my favorite mall stores for looks that are classically cut and reasonably well made for the price you pay. Coupled with these great discounts, it will be one of my first stops when revamping my fall wardrobe this year.



It’s not too early to put Sept. 14-16 down on your calendar for Arts in the Heart.

The featured country this year is Germany, and traditional German fare will be for sale along with many types of German beers. Turkey will be a new addition to the Global Village for 2012 and will be there with 35 other countries selling a delicious selection that makes this weekend the hardest decision-making you will be faced with all year.

Advance tickets cost $5 and are available at any SRP Federal Credit Union; tickets will be $7 at the gate. For more information visit