Practical gifts can help out graduate

The Pinch

As college seniors walk across the stage with their cap and gown and into the real world, friends and family might be wondering about the best gifts to buy their new graduate.


Here are some of my suggestions for practical gifts for your college grad:

CASH: New graduates will face many financial responsibilities from credit card bills to student loans, and they will appreciate the gift of cash.

Their job hunt will also incur some expenses, including résumé paper, mailing costs, interview attire and gas for traveling to and from interviews.

GIFT CARDS: If you prefer to direct your new graduate’s spending, consider gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations or department stores.

JOB INTERVIEW CLOTHING: Take the graduate shopping for a new suit or professional clothing.

SMARTPHONE: Smartphones can be a great asset for new grads. They can help them keep track of e-mail correspondence with potential employers and navigate their way to interviews with GPS.

MOVING EXPENSES: Moving is not cheap, and you can support the move from school by contributing to the costs of the moving truck. They might also need help with costs to send their belongings across the country.

FURNITURE, DINNERWARE OR HOME DÉCOR: For graduates that land a job and move out on their own, they’re probably starting from scratch on the home front.

Even if you can only contribute gently-used furniture or a set of dishes that you rarely use, graduates will appreciate the help. Decorating costs add up, and they’ll also need curtains, lamps, shower curtains, etc.

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