Speaker lights, closet purging and the UGA Accidentals




Whether you ventured out on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday or just sneak-shopped Cyber Monday at work, odds are you have a pile of goodies you need to make room for.

I have a great way to help you know what clothing you can get rid of without hurting too much. Go through your closet and see if you can cull anything immediately. Hang the rest back in your closet with the hangers pointed at you instead of away from you. In a couple of weeks, take stock of your closet and which hangers are still backwards. Are they worth the closet space?



It’s hard for me to get excited about home sound systems. I just don’t have a discerning enough ear to tell the difference between the 50 different black boxes on the shelves at Best Buy.

The Frontgate wireless speaker bulbs are just something else, though. It’s exactly what it sounds like: LED bulbs inset with 2.4 GHz speakers.

The speaker bulbs communicate wirelessly to a dock that connects to your iPhone, iPod or other music device. There’s also a remote control to manage volume level or skip tracks.

This setup is not cheap. Two speaker bulbs and the connection dock sell for $299 on the Frontgate Web site, and Amazon.com wasn’t any better.

If you are aching to spend some money on angelic sound, though, these nifty gadgets are the way to go for a one-of-a-kind aural experience.


Tuesday’s Music Live at St. Paul’s Church is always a cultural treat, but you really don’t want to miss this week’s group.

The University of Georgia Accidentals men’s a cappella group will be singing Dec. 6, and if you’ve heard them before, you know how charismatic and talented they are. If you have somehow missed hearing the Accidentals in the 20-plus years they have been coming to St. Paul’s, this is your chance to make it right.

The Accidentals began in 1974 and has grown into a 13-member group with major critical acclaim and five recorded albums. The 13 guys change every year as students graduate, but the tight harmonies and magnetic showmanship stay just as great.

Tuesday’s Music Live concerts are free, and music begins at noon. If you want to enjoy lunch immediately following the music, reserve a meal ticket for $10 online or by calling (706) 722-3463.