Cellphone lens can turn pictures into works of art



Cameras used to be a posh extra on only the most high-end cell phones, but we’ve come to expect our mobile phones to also be able to shoot photos worthy of uploading and distribution.

No matter how good your camera phone is, you can benefit from Photojojo’s glass cell phone lenses. The lenses attach magnetically to any cell phone with a camera and come in fisheye, macro/wide angle and telephoto.

The best part about these lenses is that you can get all three for only $49.

The teensy little add-ons attach to your camera with an adhesive magnet ring you carefully stick around your phone’s camera lens.

When you’re ready to take a jaw-dropping photo of what you’re eating for lunch or the weird haircut sitting in front of you in class, you just pop the lens onto the magnetic ring and snap away.

I don’t think you’ll want to send these back after you try them, but just in case, Photojojo has an excellent return policy and has created a reputation of remarkable customer service.



Buffalo Wild Wings across from Best Buy and Chik-Fil-A is open at the Augusta Exchange on Robert C. Daniel Parkway.

The family-friendly sports bar offers more television screens and more ways to eat wings than just about anywhere else. I went on a Monday night and while it was crowded and busy, our waitress was very helpful and the food was good.

No matter where you sit in the restaurant, I think you’ll be able to see just about any sport that is on that night. Football was front and center when I was there, but a Tiger Woods press conference and ESPN roundtable were right there as well.



Saying goodbye to fun summer patterns and sundresses doesn’t have to mean a boring look under all your layers. Long sleeves and sweaters are officially in our wardrobe rotations, and one of my favorite ways to glitz up a crewneck is by topping it off with a good bib necklace.

A short necklace that has a little more chunk than pearls or a pendant, bib necklaces draw people’s eyes up towards your face and work especially well on black or jewel tone tops. Buy one or two interesting statement necklaces and take your boring black pants and sweater look to a Breakfast at Tiffany’s level of glamour.

If you’re hesitant, Target’s gold coil collar necklace will only put you back $30 and will go with just about anything from black t-shirts to an eye-catching red sheath dress. For a slightly more investment piece, Bauble Bar’s tortoise shell bib necklace is $74 and would also match just about anything.

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