Students design the future of transportation

When Russell McMurry, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation, announced the eight winners of the DOT's Centennial Student Art Challenge earlier this month, he must have been looking east.

Make yourself brighter with information on new light-bulb terminology, LEDs

Anyone who has stood in confusion in the light-bulb aisle (and that's most of us) knows that technology and the push to save energy are continuing to flip the script on home lighting options.
By Michelle Locke

High blood pressure has not been tied to diet soda

Dear Mayo Clinic: I typically drink three or four cans of diet soda each day, and my doctor told me it might be the cause of my high blood pressure. But I've been drinking this much soda for years and have never had any issues.

New pet pal could be too much

NEW YORK - The middle-age woman had brought a friend with her to the animal shelter for moral support. They sat together on a bench, soft-spoken and red-eyed.
By Laura Grimmer

Dogs have life stages like humans

Everyone says it: One year for a dog equals seven years for a human. But like a lot of things everyone says, it's wrong. Dogs do have life stages a lot like humans', but the math isn't that straightforward.
By Linda Lombardi

Couples work out custody for their pets

When Tricia Lerdon and her husband separated, they had to figure out how to share their beloved dachshund, Jetson. "One of us giving up the dog?" she said. "That wasn't even a conversation."
By Melissa Kossler Dutton

Premium pet foods gain popularity

Imagine a warm, fragrant entree of oven-baked chicken with whole-grain brown rice, steamed yellow squash and pan-wilted spinach. Or slow-roasted leg of lamb with pearl barley, broccoli and crispy whole-wheat croutons with cheddar cheese. For your pet.
By Kim Cook

Shopgirl: San Pellegrino quenches thirst for adventure

San Pellegrino, the maker of the sparkling fruit drinks in the pretty cans, has recently released an app and it's actually kind of amazing.
By Gracie Shepherd

By the Book: Crews' 'strange, sad' life recounted

The late author Harry Eugene Crews was born in Bacon County, Ga., to a family of tenant farmers so poor that, according to Crews, "there wasn't enough cash money in the county to close up a dead man's eyes."
By Karin Gillespie

Veils trendy again inthis wedding season

When it came to bridal headpieces, the last decade featured glitzy (and often ostentatious) fascinators, birdcages, cloches and some too-busy barrettes.
By Elizabeth Wellington

What Is It?

Did you recognize last week's 1962 Mercury Monterey by the chrome on the side, and do you know the year, make and model of this week's vehicle?
By Glynn Moore

Auto Recalls

Infiniti Q50 DETROIT - Nissan is recalling 60,000 Infiniti luxury sedans worldwide because the electronic steering can malfunction. The recall covers certain Q50 gasoline and hybrid cars from the 2014 and 2015 model years.

Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for June 9-16. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office.

Find property transfers online

You can now search the most recent information available to see what properties have sold in Augusta. In the database, you can search for property sales back to 2005.
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