Letter: Taxpayers, be heard

If you’re having a hard time getting excited about the state of the proposal to build a new arena at the defunct Regency Mall site, you’re not alone.


For most people, it’s little more than an esoteric debate driven by behind-closed-doors politics as practiced by Augusta’s mayor, the majority of Augusta commissioners and their minions on the Coliseum Authority.

The “little people” – ignored and forgotten in this shameful political charade – are the ones who will be directly affected by the outcome. You and I will be given no say – no public vote – in where a new arena should be built in Richmond County, but you know as well I who will be called upon to pay the bills, one way or another.

That being the case, we, the taxpayers, need to flex our muscle and get involved in this important decision – before the Augusta Commission comes out of one of their infamous secret meetings and declares, “Have we got a great surprise for you!” and tells where “they” intend to build a new arena.

Of all the people who have the most “skin” in this decision, it’s us, the taxpayers. And we should raise our voices and be heard.

Personally, I’m beginning to wonder if we should build a new arena at all. With more than a quarter of Richmond County’s citizens and families living at or below the poverty level and pleading for our help, is building another arena the right thing to do?

Sonny Pittman




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