Obama has nation on destructive path

From the perspective of many patriotic Americans, Washington, D.C., looks like a vortex of greed, corruption and waste. Our tax money is the fuel that feeds and grows the system.


President Obama and his party are riding the current of our taxes, drunk by their spending spree but still crying for higher taxes. But the concentration of economic power in D.C. feeds their lust for more power and more spending.

All the spending and rising taxes stifle incentive and creativity. Look at the European Union, where government spending is at least 44 percent of gross domestic product. In 2008, the United States granted 92,000 new patents. The EU granted 59,000 -- and of those, nearly 13,000 listed Americans as the first applicant.

As government spending in the United States becomes a higher and higher percentage of GDP, American creativity and incentive will decline. Be assured, wards of the state do not create, invent and produce products that benefit the world.

Because Obama received a multicultural, morally relativistic education, he cannot relate to the fiscally conservative and independently minded American citizen. And we can't relate to a "king" who has no budget and no accountability.

Will the president totally destroy the economy and the prosperity of America before 2012?

Kathryn Lehn




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