Bills sail through Congress too quickly

Since the end of President Bush's term, several pieces of legislation have been passed in a rush -- some with the threat of dire consequences if the bills did not pass.

This seems to be the trend with the administration of President Obama. Legislation is passed or proposed that has been written behind closed doors by a few members, and with no open committee hearing for the input of experts and the public. That offers little opportunity for meaningful input of other members of Congress. Instead, it is proposed by a "Gang of Six," a "Gang of 13," the Senate majority leader or speaker of the House, etc. This is not how Congress is supposed to work.

Members, besides having little input to the legislation, are asked to vote without having time to study the legislation. All is done in a rush.

I hope there will be a movement to re-institute how major legislation is passed -- not passed as the stimulus bill or health care.



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