We need to kick the can up the hill

President Obama, the most partisan politician in recent memory, gets on national television and accuses the Republicans of irresponsibly "kicking the can down the road" because their debt ceiling bill allows the debt ceiling to be raised only enough to get us to next spring, with cuts exceeding the dollar amount raised.


He, on the other hand, wants an agreement to raise the debt ceiling enough to get past the next election cycle.

The federal debt situation is going downhill, so he wants to kick the can further down the hill so he will not have to defend the out-of-control debt issue during the election-year debates.

What the Republicans want (and we should all want) is to turn around and "kick the can" back up the hill. It will take some time, bit by bit, to get us where we need to be (i.e., into a manageable debt), but at least it is in the right direction -- a direction we voted for in the last election.

And yes, it needs to be a forefront topic in next year's election debates as to how we (Congress, the president and the rest of us in the country) are going to once and for all solve the debt problem.

All of us will have to sacrifice, because of the historical irresponsibility of most of our elected "leaders."


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