Play at Kroc Center was enlightening

How often do you spend more than $10 at a movie, only to walk out disgusted later because of the trashiness of it? With only a few more showings, I instead encourage you to add a few more dollars to that amount to see the last production of a play at the new Kroc Center on Broad Street.


My husband and I joined friends July 23 to see The General and His Lady . Before reading the ad, which read "The Story of William Booth, Founder of the Salvation Army," the only things I knew about the Salvation Army were its nationwide stores and the bell-ringers in November and December.

After seeing the four acts, I walked away with my heart filled with deep appreciation for Mr. Booth and his wife, Catherine, for their faith in love by service to all those less fortunate -- the poor, widows and broken families.

You will find out the history of the Salvation Army back to the 1840s in England. At the end you will read that the SA found its place in the United States in 1880, and in Augusta in 1891.

We counted 32 actors and actresses, some as young as 10. All were superb! All received a long standing ovation as the last song was sung. I had hopes to find CDs of the music on sale at the end, but was disappointed. Three adults had solos and when each sang, one could see heartfelt emotion and tears in their eyes. Within seconds, we reached for a tissue. I will research the words to two songs that touched me deeply -- When Sparrows Fall and When I See Him .

We cannot say enough good things about this production by Enopion Theatre Company -- "theatre with a purpose." In the program, we read, "Enopion is not supported by any one church or denomination but seeks affiliation with those that hold to the principles of faith and salvation as stated in the Bible." We await November's musical dinner theater titled Eli's Bethlehem Inn .

Call The Kroc Center to make your reservation. You will be glad you did.

Diane Forrester




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