Richest people should pay most taxes

When it comes to the rich paying more taxes, Rush Limbaugh and conservatives are completely irrational and delusional.


They say that since the rich pay most of the taxes, their tax rates should not increase. Their rationale is self-serving nonsense. The rich pay more taxes because they make most of the money. Whoever makes the most money should pay the most taxes -- plain and simple.

Furthermore, since profits are not equally distributed, taxes should not be equally distributed. Common sense dictates that billionaires and multimillionaires ought to pay more taxes than people who are less wealthy. They made great fortunes while the majority of their work force were paid meager, nonliving wages.

Therefore, it's only fair for the rich to pay more taxes. However, being fair and being rich do not go hand in hand.

The rich are not fair to U.S. citizens. They hire illegal immigrants because they will work for lower wages and no benefits. Increasingly, the rich are not paying cost-of-living increases to their employees to keep pace with inflation. The rich get richer; the poor get poorer.

In addition, most corporate-created new jobs are lower-echelon, nonliving-wage jobs that will not afford food, clothing and shelter. For example, most of the new jobs in the upcoming Costco store in Augusta likely will be nonliving-wage jobs.

The reason is simple. Costco did not come to Augusta to be fair. It came to Augusta to exploit the work force and increase its riches by not being fair to its employees. Nonetheless, Costco and its underpaid employees will each pay their share of taxes.



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