Museum helps keep Laney's dream alive

On June 11, I had the distinct opportunity and pleasure to participate in the celebration of the Lucy Craft Laney Historic Museum's 20 years of existence. It was enjoyable, enlightening, enriching, meaningful and educational.


I was impressed with the manner in which the organizers put everything together in an honorable and professional manner. There was no grandstanding or ego-tripping by any of the staff members.

I'm very selective about the community events that I attend, because in many instances the program leaders and directors usually promote themselves as being bigger and better than the social causes they're suppose to be promoting. I consider these types of individuals despicable, superficial and dishonest. These individuals are not to be trusted. Thank God these types of individuals weren't a part of the wonderful Laney celebration.

Also, being a historic attraction for the Augusta community, I hope the Laney museum will continue to strive for the ultimate level of education excellence.

I'm convinced this historic institution has set a precedent in getting our local community to seriously focus on high student achievement in the classroom. This is what Mrs. Laney's legacy is all about.

Our local schools should place more emphasis on academics and less emphasis on sports so students would be able to compete on the highest academic level in the world we now live in.

I thank Mrs. Laney for being an early education pioneer to support high academic achievement in our community as well as throughout the United States. It is worthwhile for Augusta to keep Mrs. Laney's dream alive.

E. Maner




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