Sympathy misplaced over execution

It was extremely disgusting to me when I read the June 25 Associated Press article about the Roy Blankenship execution.


Brian Kammer, the defense attorney, made the bleeding-heart statement about the needless suffering that this rapist-killer experienced. Kammer said it was unconscionable.

Dr. David Waisel, a Harvard medical professor, was also crying that "they clearly botched" this execution and that Mr. Blankenship clearly suffered.

Neither of these intellectuals even mentioned the victim, Sarah Mims Bowen. I wonder if her "head jerked and there was needless suffering." She was raped and had a heart attack in 1978.

This low-life was kept alive for 33 years! Can you imagine the cost to the taxpayers?

I truly feel this rapist-killer should have been killed in the same manner as his victim, and not take 33 years to do it. Our system needs to be more concerned about innocent victims. Their priorities are certainly misplaced.

I wonder if Brian Kammer and David Weisel would have felt differently had the victim been their wife, daughter or sister. I think not.

Reubin Loper




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