Cut foreign aid, bribery, then the rest

It seems most of the Republican candidates can talk of savings only by adjusting Social Security payments, Medicaid or Medicare.


I tried not to take on Medicare, but our all-seeing government would not allow that, and I have no objections to this plan if a few other savings plans were done first.

No one seems to talk about the foreign bribes that amount to real money. Bribery is one of the few presidential acts mentioned in our Constitution as cause for impeachment. Of course, this could not happen. Why? The members of the House and Senate are co-conspirators.

Little of this money goes to the people of these countries; it is given to the rulers. If the people of a country have a disaster, we as individuals can donate money. The government has no prerogative to donate our money.

We have wildfires, tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes and earthquakes. Kuwait sent a donation as soon as we saved their nation at huge cost and deaths of our citizens.

Then take the United Nations. We pay about a half-billion dollars a year in dues. We fought their war in Korea. It cost us about 50,000 of our citizens, plus those wounded. I have no idea what the war cost in dollars. We have kept about 35,000 troops there for over 50 years. Now the United Nations wants to cancel our Second Amendment by treaty. NATO is now taking us for a ride.

I say, get rid of these foreign expenses; make something in this country instead of distributing foreign products. If we had a World War II today, we could not clothe the recruits.

Following these feel-good programs, cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. -- but not before.



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