FBI violates church-state separation

It's an understatement to say that the article titled "FBI invited Westboro members to training" (June 30) has me outraged. I was shocked when I read it.


First, this seems to be a clear violation of the separation of church and state. If the FBI invites one church group, does that mean they intend to invite all church groups?

Second, the article stated that the training was for police officers and FBI agents. So when did Westboro Baptist Church members all become law enforcement officials?

Third, if the FBI is so intent on violating the separation of church and state, they could not have selected a worse group to invite.

The members of Westboro picket the funeral services of our fallen soldiers and harass their families. Their disrespect of our service members and their families is appalling. And the FBI considered them a good choice to invite for training?

Folks, if this angers you as much as it does me, please call your congressmen. Tell them what I did -- that they must do whatever is necessary to ensure that such a debacle never happens again.

There are reasons our Constitution requires the separation of church and state. It's a real shame that decision-makers in the FBI apparently haven't read that document.



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