Be a more considerate concert-goer

Lately, I've had the opportunity to attend concerts in various Augusta venues. It's great to see the upswing in artists making their way through the area. The shows have been terrific.


However, the behavior of the patrons has at times been appalling and embarrassing. I fully appreciate that tickets don't come cheap, and everyone has the right to get the most out of their experience. But that right does not allow your actions to interfere with the enjoyment of those around you. Seems like folks need a few reminders about how to behave in public.

- Opening acts are pretty standard concert fare. I get that people have paid to see the headliner. But some of us appreciate the opportunity to listen to an artist and music we might not ordinarily hear. Plus, the performer is there doing a job and deserves respect, not heckling. If you're not interested in the opener, delay your arrival to the venue.

- If you want to drink, there are plenty of bars in town for that purpose.

I'm not talking about those enjoying a cocktail during the show. This is directed at those who choose to get rowdy, sloppy drunk. I just pray during a sober moment that these individuals appointed designated drivers. Ruining someone else's concert experience is one thing, but jeopardizing their lives on the road is another.

- I get caught up in the excitement of a good show as much as the next person. I understand there are times you can't help but stand up and dance, but you do not have the right to stand up for the entire show and block the view of those behind you. The person who calls you on it and asks you to sit down is not the one in the wrong.

- Talking, laughing and socializing before the start of the concert is part of the fun. But when an artist comes on stage, attention should be focused on the artist. If you want to carry on extended, loud conversations, go to the venue lobby.

Abiding by a few simple rules of etiquette would surely enhance everyone's concert experience.

Robbie Hammond



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