Petty distractions are holding us back

It's amazing how people get caught up in trivial matters of the world, then wonder why the more serious problems that matter often go unsolved. The real problem is really with the "common" people as they look to blame others, whom they put on a pedestal, for the problems they have in everyday life.


Why say that? We can look at two incidents in the past few years just to see how people put others on a pedestal only to be let down.

First there was Tiger Woods and his affair. With serious problems going on in the world, this story took center stage for way more time than it was worth. While people were standing in line for unemployment -- waiting for pink slips on jobs they had been on for years with no hope of retirement pay, and looking through the latest newspaper classified ads for new employment -- everyone was glued to the television wondering how Tiger could cheat on his wife. Can we say "priorities out of order"?

Even now we have Weinergate, where another elected official has been caught with his pants down. Meanwhile we still have unemployment problems to talk about, troops that need to come home, a national debt problem and a slew of other problems that the government should be trying to deal with -- while it is distracting the "common" person with its own version of a government reality show. As long as the common man stays lost, the "idols" will be sure to keep you there.

When will we get someone with a backbone who can lead Americans in the right direction -- something that hasn't happened for quite some time?

Someone has to know the difference between entertainment and reality. If not, the country will continue to flounder around until we have another serious attack, or we end up speaking another language, whichever comes first.

Chris McCain



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