Bad journalism saps nation's freedom

Freedom comes with a price, but it won't be journalism that pays it.


The May 29 Augusta Chronicle cartoon, which had a price tag wrapped around a soldier's grave marker, was an appropriate Memorial Day reminder to honor our fallen warriors. But unless journalism does an about-face, there will be an unpaid bill wrapped around a gravestone marked "democracy."

While our soldiers fight for every inch of ground they can get, journalism gives it all back. They print liberal Associated Press national news stories that are clearly anti-American, pro-socialist and pro-communist, handing over large parts of our democracy without a worry in the world -- a democracy for which others have fought and died.

A recent example, on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor , was a poll taken May 11 by liberal AP, in which it was reported that AP's fellow Democrat/socialist President Obama had a two-year-high approval rating of 60 percent.

So Obama has been transformed into one of the most popular socialists in the world. But it's all bogus, like all of AP's other "news" stories that 1,000 U.S. newspapers turn out by the ton. And democracy has a chance?

It turns out the poll was knowingly fixed by AP, as they asked each respondent which party he or she belonged to -- and with a tally of 35 percent Democrats to 18 percent Republicans, they announced Obama results as 60 percent.

And not one newspaper dropped AP, or even called to find out what's going on up there. How could they, when it's a monopoly, with United Press International's decline in the 1960s? And journalism hasn't bothered to notice any change.

So what about "the price of freedom" being "eternal vigilance"? It's not in journalism, not down at Sleepy Hollow. Everybody has to pay for journalism's incompetence and dishonesty. That's the journalism way.

Tom Hunter



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