Shiloh's fund-raiser was great success

A few weeks ago, I witnessed a phenomenal affair at the Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center. Thanks to the dynamic board members and the director, Elizabeth Jones, for the fish fry fund-raiser May 8.


The gathering was a great success for a worthy cause. Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center received approximately $8,000. However, the greatest gift was the joy and response of the community.

A man just passing by in a truck stopped and came onto the grounds and asked me what all this was about. I explained it to him. He said he had heard local on-air personality Minnesota Fattz on the radio, but had never seen him in person. Neither had I, I said. At this moment Minnesota Fattz appeared from his tent and introduced himself. Then the man wanted me to point out many of the commissioners, whom he had only seen in the news media.

The participants were not representing Democrats, Republicans, black, white, rich, poor, churches, elected officials, etc. The group was just one happy family enjoying an old-fashioned fish fry and helping the needy.

I do hope this will be a yearly affair. It was Augusta at its best -- volunteers and members of the community in fellowship to support Shiloh.

Please give so the historical Shiloh Comprehensive Community Center can continue serving Augusta. I thank everyone for their support.

Ruth B. Crawford




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