Put performing arts center on river

We very much appreciate Ricardo Azziz's vision for Georgia Health Sciences University -- to move the university forward by attracting promising young researchers to the faculty. My husband, Dr. Lowell Greenbaum, was one such person recruited to what was then, more than 30 years ago, the Medical College of Georgia.


To be very honest, when I came down to visit the school and the city, I could not envision my life here. The downtown was a series of empty stores, quite desolate. In its former location, the Augusta Museum of History's outstanding display was of stuffed ducks.

While the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art always highlighted art and talented local artists, it was not until the outstanding Morris Museum of Art was established that significant art found a worthy home.

Then when I heard about the Augusta Opera, the Augusta Ballet and the Augusta Symphony, I started to give this opportunity for my husband another consideration.

We are all now in another century, and younger people want more "cool," as Dr. Azziz characterized it. Certainly a performing arts center would fit that description, as it would revitalize this city to benefit all, both newcomers and established residents; many of the latter have already expressed such a desire.

It is time for this project to move forward, and the now-vacated Golf and Gardens is the perfect location. Envision such a building fronting the Savannah River where patrons could walk out at intermission to enhance the evening's cultural experience. Augusta is fortunate to have such an exciting location, and we should make the optimum use of it.

With such an addition, Augusta definitely would fulfill its potential as a city to which people would wish to visit as tourists and relocate for professional opportunity.

Gloria R. Greenbaum



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